B&J Woodworks
411 Sterling Rd. | Jacksonville, North Carolina 28546 | 910.816.8843

About B&J Woodworks

B & J Woodworks is a cabinet company that was formed to fill the need for a high quality low cost all wood kitchen cabinet. Its founders have over 10 years experience in the construction and cabinet industry. We specialize in custom cabinets for the residential, resort, and commercial market.

Like all fine things, the craftsmanship of B & J Woodworks is not for those looking to cut corners. We start with the finest materials and hardware, and lavish attention on each project we undertake. The results are pieces of amazing distinction that seek to exceed the expectations of our most demanding clientele.

Bringing our cabinets into your home is an investment in luxury, designed for those whose passion for the finest rewards life has to offer can only be quenched with the beauty and unmistakable look that truly custom furnishing can provide.

Our Team

LaRosa Johnson, Sr.

LaRosa Johnson, Sr. Owner